Last week was a busy time for some of the authors:

Pam and Richard Nov 2015

Pam is at The Coconut Loft Art Gallery updating her author bio with the help of co-owner Richard.

 Pam and Gina Nov 2015

And here’s Gina, co-owner of The Coconut Loft Art Gallery encouraging Pam with her writing and making sure she has enough coffee.

On Thursday some of the authors are in Saxmundham.


Helen T enid Pam Carole and Suzan

Enid, Helen, Pam, Bronwen and Suzan at Saxmundham Library talking about their books and getting published.

Photo with everyone at Top Time at Sax Library 19th Nov 2015

Afterwards it’s on to The Shed Café and The Workbench at Henstead and as you can see the Waveney Author Group is Artist of the month.

WAG~Artist of the Month

 WAG at The Shed with Ellen

 The authors are joined by writer Hilary Lepine and the owner of The Workbench Ellen Winser.

 On Saturday the Waveney Author Group had their WAG meeting at the Wherry Hotel.


WAG Meeting 21st Nov 2015 at The Wherry Hotel

From left to right: Helen, Enid, Lucy, Hilary, Jo, Pam and Suzan.

The authors are having their WAG meeting at The Wherry Hotel. This was taken at the start of their meeting and shortly after this they got to work.

It’s a very exciting time for Helen, Lucy, Hilary and Pam as all four authors will have their books released soon.

Helen at Wherry Hotel~Nov 2015 

Helen is going through the feedback her beta-reader gave her.

Pam and Lucy 

Pam is putting the final final touches to her wip, Lucy is waiting for Suzan and Editor Jo and Hilary are busy in the background.


 Hilary and Jo

 Editor Jo going through her feedback with Hilary.


The Synergy Cafe

The Waveney Author Group was delighted to be asked to read at the opening of The Synergy Café. This café is open to people living with dementia and their carers. Authors; Enid Thwaites, Helen Thwaites, Pam Finch and Suzan Collins attended.


Suzan Pam Helen T Enid T Cllr Bruce Provan and Jan1

Suzan, Pam, Helen, Enid, Bruce and Jan.

Pam Finch and County Councillor for Pakefield Sonia Barker

Pam talking with County Councillor Sonia Barker.

Enid talking1

Enid talking about the 60s.

Helen T and Pam listening

Helen and Pam listening to Enid.

Suzan talking

Suzan talking about growing up in the 60s.

Pam reading her work

Pam reading her piece on the 60s.

Suzan and Pam

Suzan with one of her books from the Chatty Cat series, with Pam and Chairman Councillor Bruce Provan in the background.

Everyone enjoyed a quiz about the 60s, super food (including pineapple and cheese on chopsticks) and had a jig to some 60s music.

Scotch egg     Pineapple chunks

Suzan talking with Chairman of WDC Councillor Bruce Provan

Suzan Pam Helen T Enid T Cllr Bruce Provan and Jan

To protect the rights to privacy we have not included photos of people who did not give their consent to use their photographs on our blog.

Raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK

Four authors, Ann Bowyer, Jo Wilde, Lucille Rayner and Suzan Collins, gave their free time and joined others across the country to write a children’s book for charity, “Little Kitty the Cat Burglar.” All royalties go to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Authors (L-R) Ann Bowyer, Lucille Rayner and Suzan Collins met with Jessica Hiscocks, Regional Fundraising Officer last week.

ann jess lucille and suzan 30th Oct 2015

Little Kitty – the Cat Burglar is available to buy now on Amazon in both paperback and ebook/kindle and costs £5.00 and … ALL royalties go to Alzheimer’s Research UK. Oh and there’s more … it’s an ideal Christmas present.