Meet the Authors event (Dec 2015)

Meet the Authors~in the The Journal~11th Dec 2015WAG authors Pam Finch, Lucille Rayner, Enid Thwaites, Caroline Way, Suzan Collins, Helen Thwaites, Bronwen Grono and Hilary Lepine joined other authors last weekend at the Meet the Authors event.

Other authors showcasing their books were: Darren Barker, Gareth Davies, Chrissie Jagger and Terry Tarbox.

Chrissie me Lucy Helen T and Enid~along the prom~Dec 6th 2015

L-R: Chissie Jagger, Suzan Collins, Lucille Rayner, Helen Thwaites and Enid Thwaites.

Helen and Pam outside of C Loft by Christmas tree

Helen Thwaites and Pam Finch.


New author Hilary Lepine aka Lottie Thorn talking to a new reader.

Pam sat in a chair

Pam Finch has just finished reading from her new book.

Helen dressed as mother christmas and a little boy

Helen Thwaites and a little boy.

This little boy was so overwhelmed when he and his mum walked past Helen. He didn’t need to go somewhere to meet Father Christmas, or be good for a week so he could go to see Father Christmas or save his pocket money. He was just walking with his mummy and got a lovely surprise as Helen walked past. #Nocharge His surprise was priceless.  NB: His mummy gave permission for his photo to be taken and be used.

Authors genre:

Bronwen Grono – Non-fiction

Caroline Way – Fiction

Chrissie Jagger–Fiction> children’s books

Darren Barker Fiction > Horror

Enid Thwaites – Non-fiction

Gareth Davies – Non-fiction > History

Helen Thwaites – Fiction > Historical romance

Lottie Thorn – Fiction > children’s books

Lucille Rayner – Fiction > children’s books

Pam Finch – Fiction > short stories

Suzan Collins – Fiction and non-fiction

Terry Tarbox –Fiction > children’s books