Writer’s Holiday Tenerife

Having the opportunity to go to Tenerife for the sun, sand and opportunity to write was one some of the authors could not resist.

Armed with laptops, pens and paper Lucy, Pam and Suzan sat and drank tea and coffee before flying to Tenerife

Cuppa at the airport~big one  Cuppa at the airport

They each had their own rooms which were on the 9th floor. Fortunately there was a lift but chose to walk down the nine flights for meals, in fact every time they needed to go down stairs they walked.

Air view of swimming pool

Lovely swimming pool even if it was too cold to go in.

They had many writing spots and here are just a few:

Another writing spot 2 Cafe Chill out 1

Cake on the third day

Cakes in the shop

El Rayo Pastelaria (pastry shop)

Lucy Pam and I

Lucy, Suzan and Pam


Champagne at breakfast.

Cardiac hill 4  Mountains 1

Air view of road and sea WAG on the bridge 7

Sea 1

Lots of walking and writing done.

End of the week arrived and they boarded the plane to go home:

Outside shot of the areoplane

Cabin crew one pilot and me and Lucy 2

L-R: Hostess, Simon (Pilot), Suzan & Lucy

Pam and the cabin crew and 2 pilots

L-R: Pam, Simon (Pilot), two hostesses & Simon (the other pilot)


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