Come in…

sues second book front cover on Amazon

Author: Sue Thompson

Title: Come in at Random in any Key you like

ISBN: 978-1986478472

If you enjoy a bit of audience participation, along with pies and pints, cakes and ceilidhs, madness and mayhem, with perhaps some folk music thrown in too, then come in at random in any key you like. Go on, you know you want to.


An April Fool in December?

April Fools cover on Amazon~Di B

Author: Diana Bettinson

Title: April Fools

ISBN: 978-1718954496

Formats: Paperback Kindle

When Paula’s husband of thirty-two years dies suddenly she wonders if she can cope. After a lifetime of being told what to do, and how to live her life how will she carry on? Will she find love again, and will she want it? Watch how Paula blossoms from down trodden wife to a confident fulfilled happy person. This is a story of love, betrayal, control and manipulation.