Books by the Waveney Author Group

                        GENRE: Non-Fiction

 Sandra's front cover                    stephs-book-cover-on-amazon                Cover BMC~FINAL COVER         Sue Thompson cover

Sandra Delf                       Stephanie Carr            Suzan Collins          Sue Thompson     

 GENRE: Fiction

Dreaming on Paper~front cover                                Gwenyths three books

Waveney Author Group             Gwenyth Clare Lynes            

Front cover                      Front cover on Amazon~July 2017

A.D.P Sorisi                        Diane Anderson        

       GENRE: Children’s Fiction

Four book covers

Suzan Collins

Hilarys books~both together

Lottie Thorn

lucys-cover-on-amazon                         Alan Kemp~front cover on Amazon             Di B front cover

Lucille Rayner                           Alan Kemp                     Diana Bettinson           

Sandra F~front cover of Woolly Pig on Amazon July 2017                    Sandra F~front ocver of giraffe on Amazon~July 2017                      Viviennes book on Amazon

Sandra Joanne Forder           Sandra Joanne Forder         Davina Baron                             


2 thoughts on “Books by the Waveney Author Group

  1. I would like to attend your session at Victoria Library on Saturday 12th March and wonder if you could let me know if you are talking about self-publication.

    I look forward to hearing from someone in due course.




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