Busy! Busy! Busy!

It’s been a busy time for some members of the Waveney Author Group.

Here are some of them at The Loddon Street Fayre:


Under the willow tree

We were in the red gazebos under the beautiful willow tree in the Millenium Gardens, aptly named Literary Garden for the day.


Sandra showing us her new t-shirt

Aisha reading

ADP Sorisi reading from her book ‘Tutankhamun:  He Is Born (Book 1)

Me and a buyer

Suzan has just signed for this lady

Viv supporting us

Sandra Delf book signing

Two sandras

Sandra Joanne Forder and Sandra Delf (on the right).


10 members of the Waveney Author Group are invited to TAKE OVER the Norfolk & Norwich Millennium Library. Some arrived by bus, some by car and these, well…


Having arrived at Norwich Station authors Davina Baron, Suzan Collins, Diana Bettinson and Enrico the much loved character ‘Big Fella’ from Bertie’s Diary, get a photo before climbing into the taxi.

Di and Aisha


Busy start to the day for Diana Bettinson and ADP Sorisi.

Di reading

Diana Bettinson delighting readers with tales from her book, ‘GARI’.

Viv reading

Davina Baron reading from her book, ‘Bertie’s Diary’.

Me and Lucy's grandson2

Suzan Collins reading ‘Stealing Poop’ from the Chatty Cat book series ‘Chatty Cat: My Purr-fect Friends’.

Sandra D reading

Sandra Delf reading from her book, ‘Keep Smiling Through’.

It was a really busy day and we didn’t get chance to photograph all of the 10 members. Sorry.

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Until next time, happy reading x

Busy week for some WAGS

Last weekend many of the WAGs were at the East Anglian Festival of Culture (#Eafoc) showcasing their books and reading their work.http://www.eastanglianfestivalofculture.co.uk/


Lucy and Hilary

Lucille Rayner & Lottie Thorn

Group photo by the Lifegaurd Station

Elizabeth Manning-Ives, Jo Wilde, Tricia Cass, Bronwen Grono, Lucille Rayner, Suzan Collins, Lottie Thorn, Pam Finch, Enid Thwaites


On the Thursday authors Elizabeth Manning-Ives, Enid Thwaites, Tricia Cass, Sandra Delf and Suzan Collins were delighted to be back at the fabulous Saxmundham Library. A fantastic group and one that is genuinely interested in the authors and their progress.

Sandra Tricia Elizabeth and Enid

The authors look forward to going back next year with more new releases and it’s the authors turn to buy the cakes next time!

Writer’s Holiday Tenerife

Having the opportunity to go to Tenerife for the sun, sand and opportunity to write was one some of the authors could not resist.

Armed with laptops, pens and paper Lucy, Pam and Suzan sat and drank tea and coffee before flying to Tenerife

Cuppa at the airport~big one  Cuppa at the airport

They each had their own rooms which were on the 9th floor. Fortunately there was a lift but chose to walk down the nine flights for meals, in fact every time they needed to go down stairs they walked.

Air view of swimming pool

Lovely swimming pool even if it was too cold to go in.

They had many writing spots and here are just a few:

Another writing spot 2 Cafe Chill out 1

Cake on the third day

Cakes in the shop

El Rayo Pastelaria (pastry shop)

Lucy Pam and I

Lucy, Suzan and Pam


Champagne at breakfast.

Cardiac hill 4  Mountains 1

Air view of road and sea WAG on the bridge 7

Sea 1

Lots of walking and writing done.

End of the week arrived and they boarded the plane to go home:

Outside shot of the areoplane

Cabin crew one pilot and me and Lucy 2

L-R: Hostess, Simon (Pilot), Suzan & Lucy

Pam and the cabin crew and 2 pilots

L-R: Pam, Simon (Pilot), two hostesses & Simon (the other pilot)

Meet the Authors event (Dec 2015)

Meet the Authors~in the The Journal~11th Dec 2015WAG authors Pam Finch, Lucille Rayner, Enid Thwaites, Caroline Way, Suzan Collins, Helen Thwaites, Bronwen Grono and Hilary Lepine joined other authors last weekend at the Meet the Authors event.

Other authors showcasing their books were: Darren Barker, Gareth Davies, Chrissie Jagger and Terry Tarbox.

Chrissie me Lucy Helen T and Enid~along the prom~Dec 6th 2015

L-R: Chissie Jagger, Suzan Collins, Lucille Rayner, Helen Thwaites and Enid Thwaites.

Helen and Pam outside of C Loft by Christmas tree

Helen Thwaites and Pam Finch.


New author Hilary Lepine aka Lottie Thorn talking to a new reader.

Pam sat in a chair

Pam Finch has just finished reading from her new book.

Helen dressed as mother christmas and a little boy

Helen Thwaites and a little boy.

This little boy was so overwhelmed when he and his mum walked past Helen. He didn’t need to go somewhere to meet Father Christmas, or be good for a week so he could go to see Father Christmas or save his pocket money. He was just walking with his mummy and got a lovely surprise as Helen walked past. #Nocharge His surprise was priceless.  NB: His mummy gave permission for his photo to be taken and be used.

Authors genre:

Bronwen Grono – Non-fiction

Caroline Way – Fiction

Chrissie Jagger–Fiction> children’s books

Darren Barker Fiction > Horror

Enid Thwaites – Non-fiction

Gareth Davies – Non-fiction > History

Helen Thwaites – Fiction > Historical romance

Lottie Thorn – Fiction > children’s books

Lucille Rayner – Fiction > children’s books

Pam Finch – Fiction > short stories

Suzan Collins – Fiction and non-fiction

Terry Tarbox –Fiction > children’s books

Raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK

Four authors, Ann Bowyer, Jo Wilde, Lucille Rayner and Suzan Collins, gave their free time and joined others across the country to write a children’s book for charity, “Little Kitty the Cat Burglar.” All royalties go to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Authors (L-R) Ann Bowyer, Lucille Rayner and Suzan Collins met with Jessica Hiscocks, Regional Fundraising Officer last week.

ann jess lucille and suzan 30th Oct 2015

Little Kitty – the Cat Burglar is available to buy now on Amazon in both paperback and ebook/kindle and costs £5.00 and … ALL royalties go to Alzheimer’s Research UK. Oh and there’s more … it’s an ideal Christmas present.


Waveney Author Group meeting

Many members of the Waveney Author Group met recently to discuss how they’re getting on with their writing and reaching their individual target to have their book published by. All are doing really well and Lucille showed the writers some lovely illustrations that her daughter had drawn for her forthcoming children’s book. Here is one of them …

Spider~pic for Lucys book

All writers are on target to finish their current writing and get published by their deadlines which is Dec this year for some and July 2016 for others.

group photo

And here are the writers: from left to right: Sandra Delf, Pam Finch, Hilary LePine, Suzan Collins, Lucille Rayner and ex-mayor June Ford.