Life begins at…

Annie Thompson second book cover~on Amazon

Author: Annie Thompson

ISBN: 978-1723847905

Title: Life begins at eighty: Twenty quirky tales celebrating maturity

A group of spirited senior citizens have some crazy adventures. Eleanor and her friend Roy have some interesting experiences with misunderstandings and misheard expressions. Their friend the retired Colonel will have you chuckling with his zany schemes, and the seven main characters have as much fun as in their youth. From their experiences in the optician, to the second hand bookshop and the GP, to days in the countryside and a short trip to Spain, they will keep you amused and wanting to read more

The Synergy Cafe

The Waveney Author Group was delighted to be asked to read at the opening of The Synergy Café. This café is open to people living with dementia and their carers. Authors; Enid Thwaites, Helen Thwaites, Pam Finch and Suzan Collins attended.


Suzan Pam Helen T Enid T Cllr Bruce Provan and Jan1

Suzan, Pam, Helen, Enid, Bruce and Jan.

Pam Finch and County Councillor for Pakefield Sonia Barker

Pam talking with County Councillor Sonia Barker.

Enid talking1

Enid talking about the 60s.

Helen T and Pam listening

Helen and Pam listening to Enid.

Suzan talking

Suzan talking about growing up in the 60s.

Pam reading her work

Pam reading her piece on the 60s.

Suzan and Pam

Suzan with one of her books from the Chatty Cat series, with Pam and Chairman Councillor Bruce Provan in the background.

Everyone enjoyed a quiz about the 60s, super food (including pineapple and cheese on chopsticks) and had a jig to some 60s music.

Scotch egg     Pineapple chunks

Suzan talking with Chairman of WDC Councillor Bruce Provan

Suzan Pam Helen T Enid T Cllr Bruce Provan and Jan

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